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This website is owned, managed and maintained by Shanghai DYD Combustion Equipment Co., Ltd. Before use, please read the following terms carefully. To use it means that you have understood and accepted such terms; otherwise, don’t use it.

1.Website use

Contents on our website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) are for your personal purposes only, rather than commercial purposes. You shall respect the copyright and other ownership statements contained in them, and reserve them in their duplicates. If the Website contents have no right statements, it does not mean that the Website enjoys no rights to them, nor will the Website not claim rights. You shall respect the legitimate rights and interests of such contents in line with the principle of good faith and legally use them. You shall not modify, reproduce, publicly display, publish or distribute such materials or use them for any public or commercial purposes in other manners. It is forbidden to use such material for any other websites or other print media or network computer environments for any purposes. Contents and edition on this Website are protected by the Copyright Law, and any unauthorized use may infringe upon the copyright, trademark and other legal rights. Your authorization to use the Website will be terminated automatically if you do not accept or violate the abovementioned provisions; meanwhile, you shall immediately destroy any contents of the Website which have been downloaded or printed.

2.Information release

The information of the Website is provided as is, without guarantees in any form, including guarantees of marketability, applicability to a specific purpose or no infringement upon the intellectual property. In addition, we will not guarantee the absolute accuracy and completeness of the information of the Website. Contents on the Website or product, price and configuration specified in them is subject to change at any time without prior notice. Contents on the Website may have expired, and we do not undertake to update them. As the information released by the Website may be products, procedures or services unavailable locally, you may consult the relevant contact of our Headquarters.

3.User’s material submission

Except personal identifying information, any other material, information or contact information that you have sent or mailed to the Website (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Information”) will be deemed non-confidential and non-proprietary. We will not assume any responsibility for such Information. Meanwhile, if there is no special statement on your submission, consent (or authorization) is contemplated; we and our authorizer may freely reproduce, disclose, distribute, combine and use such Information, and all data, images, voices, texts and other contents in other manners for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Your use of the Website shall not violate laws, regulations, or public morality, and you shall not mail or send from or to the Website any illegal, threatening, defaming, slandering, obscene, pornographic or other material which may be illegal. If a relevant person issues a warning or raises any objection pertaining to the contents of such Information and the impacts thereof, we may delete such Information at any time or permanently terminate its online browse, without winning prior consent from the submitter, nor issuing notice thereto later. In severe cases, we may take measures to deregister such user.

4.User’s communication contents

We will not assume any responsibilities for monitoring or reviewing the information sent or mailed by the user on the Website, nor information of any fields independently communicated by users, including but not limited to the communication room, bulletin board or other user BBSs and any communication contents. We will not assume any responsibilities for contents relating to any such type of communication, no matter whether they will result in defamation, invasion of privacy, obscenity or other problems. We reserve the right to delete the messages and information which are deemed to contain insulting, defaming, obscene or other inappropriate contents upon their discovery.

5.Software use

If you download software from the Website, you shall comply with all licensing terms in the software licensing agreement accompanying such software when using it. You shall not download or install such software before reading and accepting all terms of the software licensing agreement.

6.Third party websites

Links between the Website and third party websites are for your convenience only. You will leave the Website if you use them. We will not control, nor assume any responsibilities for these websites and their contents. You shall bear all possible consequences and risks caused thereby if you decide to visit any third party websites linking the Website.

7.Limitation of liability

We and our suppliers or third parties mentioned on the Website will not be liable for any damage (including but not limited to damage caused by the lost profit, lost data or business interruption), no matter whether such damage is caused by use, failure of use of the Website, any Web websites connected with the Website or information contained by any such websites (including but not limited to damage caused by the lost profit, lost data or business interruption), and no matter whether such damage has guarantee, contract, infringement act, or any other legal basis and information about such possible damage which has been obtained in advance. If you shall maintain, repair or correct your equipment or data due to use of the information of the Website, you must bear all expenses caused thereby.

8.International users

The Website is controlled, operated and managed by the office of our Headquarters in Shanghai. We do not undertake that the material on it is applicable to or may be used for other places outside China, and you may get or look up such material from areas where the material contents are deemed illegal. You shall not use the Website or export the material in violation with the Chinese export regulations. If you visit the Website from places outside China, you shall be liable for complying with all local laws. These terms and conditions for usage are governed by the Chinese laws and do not conflict with their articles.


We may modify these terms at any time. You shall frequently visit the Website for understanding the current terms, whose articles may partially be replaced by legal notices or terms explicitly specified on some pages of the Website.

We may terminate, modify, suspend or stop any aspects of the Website, including availability of any of its features. We may also limit some features and services or prevent you from accessing some or all of contents of the Website without giving prior notice and assuming responsibilities. We may terminate the abovementioned authorization, rights and permission, and you shall immediately destroy all material.

10.Laws of the People’s Republic of China are applicable to disputes arising from this statement or use of the Website.

11.Disputes arising from this statement or use of the Website shall be resolved through negotiation; in case negotiation fails, the disputed shall be resolved by Shanghai People’s Court.

12.We reserved the right to interpretation of this statement and use of the Website.