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Shanghai DYDTEC Combustion Equipment Co., Ltd. (DYDTEC) was  established in 2008. 

Its main business includes design, production and assembly of high and low temperature industrial burners, combustion control systems,  flame treatment systems, air heaters , heat exchangers and combustion related control components. DYDTEC also provides a comprehensive range of services from installation and commissioning to maintenance and refurbishment.


DYDTEC control systems are designed to conform to European standard EN746 and American standard NFPA86  and local regulations specified by our customers.DYDTEC combustion control components are sourced from world-class suppliers from Germany, USA, UK and Japan, and comply with  international standards for quality. DYDTEC work with partner companies based in America, Europe and Asia, who provide high standard customer support for global operations.


DYDTEC produces more than 1,000 sets of combustion systems annually. DYDTEC export flame treatment systems , combustion systems and direct-fired air heaters to many overseas markets. DYDTEC engineers are experienced in control system integration to  many international customer processes.


DYDTEC is committed to providing safe combustion equipment with energy saving high efficiency operation and low emissions of Nitrogen Oxides ( NOx) and other harmful exhaust gasses. DYDTEC have considerable experience in automotive coating, environmental treatment, industrial drying and  light and heavy thermal process industries. 


DYDTEC has more than 70 employees and its annual sales reach USD 15 million. It establishes long-term and close partnerships with domestic and foreign experts in the industrial combustion industry and leading global suppliers to provide customers all over the world with the best energy-saving solutions, and high quality products and services. 


DYDTEC is accredited to IS09001:2015 and has achieved national high-tech enterprise certification successfully. DYDTEC holds 30 combustion patents. We have engineers with more than 40 years of research and development experience who can cooperate with customers in designing non standard specialised equipment and thermal process development projects.