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  • 01
    Enterprise vision

    Determined to become the most outstanding team in the industrial combustion field and the best brand in the industrial combustion field all over the world.

  • 02
    Core values

    Unity, Integrity, Diligence and Responsibility.

  • 03
    Working style

    Attention to detail,Strive for excellence

  • 04
    Humanity concern

    Health first, Family second, Work diligently

  • 05
    DYDTEC Service

    To build the best service in indusial combustion field.

  • 06
    Competitive advantage

    DYDTEC Combustion provides comprehensive combustion solutions, deep integration of global combustion technology resources. Combustion plan is deeply integrated with customer process application, engineering design that changes on demand, safety, energy saving, stability and environmental protection.

  • 07
    DYDTEC team

    Unity , Diligence, Passion, Professional, Growing .